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What’s Happening at MBY 5-14-14

It’s Senior Night at Applebees! Seniors eat free, everyone else (students) bring at least $10 to eat. We’re meeting at 6:20 at the church offices in town and leaving at 6:30pm. We should be back by 9. Join us for some good food, fellowship, and a night celebrating Trenton Ciero, Cody Delk, Rebekah Walker and …

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What’s Happening at MBY 4-30-14

“Hi I’d like a quarter pounder, extra cheese with sides of beans, chips, and ice cream.. . .  Know what? let’s just make it the 3-for-1 deal!  That’s right, this Wednesday.  Three fundraisers in one night! 6-7pm: MBY fellowship meal 7-7:45: “Hire a Hand” student auction (SOAR participants) 7:45-8:00: “SOARing Pies” We need students to …

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What’s Happening at MBY 4-23-14

Join us Wednesday for our last “normal” night together this year! We’ll be talking about the gravity of sin, keys to overcoming it in our lives, and the grandness of freedom. We hope to see all of you there! Please bring your Bibles and $ for Suponwadi (we’re only at $7.29, we need another $22.71!)

What’s Happening at MBY 4-16-14

Hello all! This Wednesday marks our last “Experiential Night” where we put what we’ve talked about all year into practice together!  Tomorrow night will be our “Encounter the Cross” experience, complete with some music and an amazing message brought to you by none other than our illustrious ‘elder’ Dan Suderman. The only catch is, you …

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What’s Happening at MBY 4-2-14

This Wednesday marks our first night together where we intentionally put things we’ve talked about into practice together.  We’re calling them “Experiential nights”.  These will be different than normal MBYs, and we’re excited to host them with and for you!  Hope you can come Wednesday @ 6:50!  Don’t forget $ for Suponwadi 🙂

What’s Happening at MBY 3-26-14

This Wednesday we’re back together at MBY! Looking forward to seeing everyone again.  We’ll be learning about sharing our stories and testimonies; in another word, evangelism. Please bring your Bibles and $ for Suponwadi, and we’ll start right at 6:50! See you then!

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Looking forward to discussion and conversation tonight on a rather culturally-twisted and age-relevant topic; sex.  In our small groups we’ll look at what the Bible has to say about what sex is, what it’s not, and how to proceed in a sex-crazed culture.  Students can find when and where they’re meeting through the lockernote, email …

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What’s Happening at MBY 1-22-14

Hope all you MBYers can join us next week for the continuation of our Relationship talks, this time talking about Significant Others and asking the question, what does the Bible say about dating?  Don’t forget to bring your Bible this week, you’ll need it!  We’ll also have the Spaghetti Dinner sign up there in case …

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What’s Happening at MBY 1-15-14

Looking forward to another MBY?  I am!  We’ll be continuing in our series “Relationships” and focusing on our friendships.  Do we have real friends?  Please remember your Bible tomorrow, and as a Suponwadi update we’ve hit our monthly $30 already!!  Feel free to bring extra cash for her if you want, but we’ve got what …

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What’s Happening at MBY 1-8-14

Hey all! Looking forward to our first MBY of the new year?  We are!  Join us this Wednesday as we begin the new year with a short series “Relationships” and how they fit into our purpose this year of being Confident Christians who, being Dependent on Christ, are Actively furthering His Kingdom.  Don’t forget to …

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