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MBY cancelation

Official word for Feb 20th: MBY canceled for tonight due to weather.  Sorry peeps, but we’ll see you next week!

What’s Happening at MBY (2-20-13)

Everybody looking forward to SMALL GROUPS this Wednesday?!?! I know I am!  Here’s what each group is doing this Wednesday… Dan’s group: cooking steaks at his place @ 6:30 Rachel’s group: tea party at the church office @ 7 Nick’s group: meet at King’s house @ 6:30 for dinner and conversation Brandon’s group: meeting at …

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What’s Happening at MBY (2-6-13)

This Week at MBY we’ll be asking the question: “What are you objections to God?  What are your doubts?  What are the areas that just don’t make sense?”  Should be an interesting night with lots of hard-to-answer topics of discussion 🙂

What’s Happening at MBY (1-30-13)

NIGHTWATCH!! This Wed the MBY is hosting our “Nightwatch” watch, where instead of the normal Wednesday night things we instead worship our God through music and prayer.  The JMBY will be joining us as they always do, and we’re looking forward to a good, encouraging, reawakening night for all!  See you there at the regular …

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What’s Happening at MBY (1-23-13)

This week we’ll focus on the question, “Is God personal or impersonal?”  Should be a good time together!  I (Brandon) will be in Pheonix for a MB study conference wed night, so our fearless sponsors will be leading the night, which they are very excited for!  Pray over the night even now as we prep, …

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What’s Happening at MBY (12/19/12)

All righty, you ready for our last MBY of 2012?!  crazy… anyways, we’re meeting at the Church Office @7:00 this Wednesday for a night together where we celebrate Christmas, proclaim our Lord and His birth…oh and eat Christmas goodies (just a little thing but can’t forget it) 🙂  Be sure to bring some warm clothes, …

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What’s Happening at MBY (12/5/12)

QUESTION AND ANSWER NIGHT IS UPON US!! This Wednesday we’ll host one of our ever-popular Question and Answer nights. This is where you have an opportunity to ask any faith-based question and we all find the answer together. This Wednesday we have some very interesting questions, hope you’re looking forward to it as much as …

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Trick or Treat so Others Can Eat Update

Hey All!  Figured you’d want to know how much food we collected during our annual Trick or Treat so Others Can Eat last month. We collected 1925 lbs of FOOD!  That’s CRAZY!  Way to go!

What’s Happening at MBY (11/28/12)

Think you’re smart?  Answer this question… Why does being a Christian make ZERO sense?! Let’s find out together this Wednesday @ 6:50 at the Schoolhouse! Don’t forget to equip yourself with your Bible, and bring some extra change for our sponsored girl in Thailand, Suponwadi. See you there!!!!  


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