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Locker Notes

5-14-14 Senior Night4-30-14 MBY fellowship meal4-23-14 Gravity and grandness4-16-14 experiental night 34-9-14 experiental night 24-2-14 experiental night 13-26-14 evangelism3-12-14 small groups2-19-14 My place in the church2-12-14 Nightwatch2-5-14 mby canceled, snow shoveling 97-031-29-14 Relationships sex1-22-14 Relationships significant others1-15-14 Relationships friendships1-8-14 Relationships parents and kids11-20-13 SDYC followup and Q+A11-13-13 Spiritual Gifts 211-6-13 Small Groups Spiritual Gifts10-30-13 Trick or Treat so others can eat10-23-13 Cultivating Dependence on God 97-0310-16-13 Triangulation of Self10-9-13 Temptation Why10-1-13 Corn Maze9-25-13 Be Still Repentance9-18-13 Nightwatch9-4-13 intro night, grill out4-24-13 Hamburger meal4-17-13 Belief vs

4-10-13 small group night elevator speech4-3-13 how to be pro love in a pro sex culture3-27-13 who has the say in my life

3-13-13 What is a Christian3-6-13 State bball game

2-27-13 SWAT night 2-20-13 small group night2-13-13 sons vs Son of God2-6-13 what are your doubts or objections1-30-13 Nightwatch1-23-13 Is God personal or impersonal

1-16-13 why do you believe in God1-9-13 Is there a God