What’s Happening at MBY 3-12-14

This Wednesday is Small Groups!  The HHS girls basketball team made it to the state tournament, so some groups will be going to the game in Manhattan.  Other groups will be staying here.

So far, I know Leah’s group, and Esther’s group is going to the game.  Rachel’s and mine are not.  Dan and Jana are both talking with their students to see.

Either way, all groups will be talking about the same thing this Wednesday, faith and works (from James 2.  Where does the rubber hit the road with you?  What actions for and with Jesus have you yet to take?  What more can you do and be for the Kingdom of God here on earth?  In essence we’re taking all that we’ve learned this year so far and stepping forward, deeper into commitments with Christ.

SOAR participants: Be sure to check the bottom right of this lockernote for some reminders about thing to be taking care of now for the trip!